Monday, December 27, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas as I hope everyone else did!

On Christmas Eve we went to church for the four thirty service where I sang and Andrew ran the powerpoint.  Then it was off to friend's house for a party that's been going on since I was in the fourth grade.  It's a wonderful tradition with family and friends that I love going to every year.  Then it was off to the eleven o'clock candlelight service at church where I got to sit with my parents for the first time ever, since they're usually singing in the choir.  Andrew and I finished up the night by coming home and putting on our Christmas pajamas, one of his family traditions that we carry on.  I got these snazzy pajama pants this year!  (Those are polar bears on them if you can't tell.)

On Christmas morning we woke up and went over to my parent's house where we had the fullest house for Christmas morning we've ever had.  It was:
  • my grandma
  • my aunt
  • my mom and dad
  • me and Andrew
  • my brother, his girlfriend, and her brother
  • my sister, her fiance, and his brother
We opened presents and I was so excited to see that everyone loved the presents we got them.  My presents included purple candlesticks, a purse made of saris, the movie Inception (I'm so excited to watch the extras),  and my favorite gift - tickets from Andrew to see Wicked!!!  We had tickets to see it last week, but we both ended up sick and weren't able to go, so I'm so excited to be able to see it and not have to be sad every time I hear about Wicked!

After we opened presents, Andrew and I went back to our house to meet his family, his dad, stepmom, and sister, who were driving down to spend the weekend with us.  They hadn't ever been to our house so we spent some time there with them showing them the house and Schmoo!

Then we went back over to my parent's house for Christmas dinner and games.  The day went really well.  Andrew's family and my family get along really well, which is absolutely wonderful.

We were able to spend some more time with them over the weekend.  We went out to brunch at Cafe Patachou and then saw the movie Tangled, which was absolutely wonderful.  (It's been a while since I've seen a Disney movie that's been that good!  If you're thinking about seeing it, you totally should!!!)  Then we went back over to my parent's house to watch the Colt's game with everyone.  We got to spend some more time last night talking and playing games back at our house with Andrew's family.  We even managed to light our first ever fire in our fireplace last night.

Overall, I think the Christmas was relaxing and wonderful.  It was so nice to be around all of our family, especially because they were (mostly) all in one spot!

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