Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prompt 2: Writing

What do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing - and can you eliminate it?

This prompt ties in perfectly with my word for next year: intention.  When I actually sit down and think about the things that are important to me reading about what other people are thinking, feeling, experiencing on their blogs and contributing to that conversation on my blog is one of them.  I have every intention of taking the time to write on my blog, but I always seem to find excuses.

My biggest excuse for not writing is not feeling inspired.  When I feel like I have something to write about then I'm great at writing, but that inspiration only comes from time to time so I only write from time to time.  I think it definitely helps me to have a prompt to respond to because it gets me thinking about something that I wouldn't have thought of and written about on my own.

The other reason I have trouble writing is I often feel like it doesn't matter to others if I write on my blog or not.  I know that a few people read it, but I don't know if I contribute enough through my blog for me to be missed when I'm not writing.  And it's hard for me to commit myself to something when I don't feel that I'm making much of a contribution.  But I also know that I can only contribute by committing to doing so.

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  1. So glad to hear you found Reverb through me! I love your posts, and can totally relate. I often tell myself I should wait to write until I feel inspired, but writing is doesn't just magically appear! Anyway, glad to "meet" you and look forward to reading more!


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