Monday, January 2, 2012

New year's resolutions

I've never been good at keeping new year's resolutions.  I tend to make them because it helps me get excited about the new year, but I have a hard time following through on them so this year I'm working on making resolutions and then breaking them down into smaller goals that will be easier to keep track of.


  • Work out more than I don't work out.  This plays into my competitive side.  If I track the days that I work out against those that I don't work out, then I can clearly see which one I'm doing the majority of the time.  I plan on tracking this month by month.  That way if I have a bad week and don't make it to the gym much, I can still feel like I'm able to achieve my goal and actually get extra motivation to do that.
  • Take a multivitamin daily.  This should be easy enough to do.  I used to take multivitamin, but got out of the habit.
  • Drink water.  I never drink enough water.  In past years I've tried to set a goal to drink a certain amount of water, but I never end up doing it.  So my goal is simply to drink more water.

Relationship with God

  • Always be reading a devotional book.  This goal is simple.  When I finish reading a devotional book, I'll simply start another one.  This may even be my year to get through some of those that I've started, but never managed to finish.
  • Attend church and Sunday school.

Relationship with Andrew

  • Continue reading books with Andrew.  Andrew has a huge problem actually getting through a book.  He's fine reading magazines, the newspaper, or the occasional article online, but for some reason he always falls asleep when reading a book.  I've attempted to remedy this by reading books with him.  This is the perfect solution because I get to read the book aloud, which I love to do, and we get to share what we're reading and discuss it as we go.
  • Plan out things we want to do together at the beginning of each month.  Andrew and I have never been the couple that plans out date nights.  We have a tendency to do what we want, when we want.  But with his schedule getting busier with the new job and classes starting up again, I think it'd be nice to plan out some things to do together.


  • Work through the 2012 Declutter Calendar.  I downloaded it from here.  While they have it set up so you do specific tasks on specific days, I think I'm going to work through it in my own order and just keep track of which ones I've done.
  • Cook more often.  Last year, a friend and I challenged ourselves to cook on Crockpot meal a week.  The year, I think I'm going to shoot for cooking one recipe a week.  That gives me four recipes a month, which is totally doable.  Andrew and I have a tendency to cook whatever is easiest, which means we eat a lot of frozen pizza and other things that are not that exciting or inventive, so this will help us to eat some new things.


  • Catch up on scrapbooking.  This means I need to set specific, achievable goals for my scrapbooking so I don't get overwhelmed by everything I want to get done.
  • Start a new knitting project every other month.


  1. You have chosen some great resolutions. I need to drink more water and remember to take my daily vitamin as well. I don't hate it as much when it is the gummy variety:)

    Happy new year!


  2. This has become our new fall-back recipe because it's SO yummy and very easy! Plus it makes extra so you have lunch or dinner for the next day as well!!

  3. Mmm, looks good. I'll definitely have to try it!


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