Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dream On or How I Found Myself Interested in an Interview that Oprah did with Steven Tyler

I have never had any particular feelings about Steven Tyler, but the other night I was flipping channels and started watching an interview that Oprah did with Steven Tyler.  And it was so interesting.  Seriously.

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Some of the most interesting things about the interview were:

  • That he lives in Sunapee, New Hampshire.  It's absolutely gorgeous and definitely not where I'd expect him to live.
  • Hearing him talk about being with his father when he died.  He said, "We were all in the room with him as he took his last breath...I've been told that to be with somebody when they die is one of the most important things you can do on the planet...There was a piece of me that didn't want to go through all that, didn't want to hear all that, and there was a piece of me that knew I needed to be there with dad.  Every second it changed."  (I won't write about it too much, but I completely agree that it's important to be with loved ones when they are dying.  I had the privilege of being in the room when my Grandpa Chuck took his last breath and, while it was incredibly sad, it was also such a spiritual experience that I am grateful I was there for.)
  • His comments about growing up "under the piano" while his dad played Bach and Beethoven.  What a beautiful image.

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