Friday, January 6, 2012

Do you scrapbook?

I attempt to, but I find that I'm not very good at it because my indecisiveness comes out.  There are just so many choices when you're making a scrapbook page (and when you're shopping for scrapbook supplies!).  For example, tonight I scrapbooked the Christmas cards we received this year and made one page three different times.

I started doing this three years ago when Andrew and I sent out our first Christmas card.  I wanted to be sure to document our Christmas card each year and then I thought that I would include Christmas cards we received with pictures or notes in them.  Even if I don't scrapbook anything else in the year, which this year I didn't because there wasn't anything terribly memorable that happened to us, I make sure to scrapbook our Christmas cards.

How do you scrapbook and not get overwhelmed by it?  I know that I tend to be better about it when I have a specific event I'm trying to scrapbook.  That way I can make a few pages at a time.  But that hasn't worked for bigger events.  I'm still working on our wedding scrapbook because I have such a hard time making decisions about it.  The pictures turned out so well that I feel as though the scrapbooking has to live up to that quality.  How do you remember to take pictures, to print them out, to scrapbook them?  What works for you?

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