Saturday, December 31, 2011

My husband got a job!

This is pretty much what I've been
thinking since I heard the news!!!
This summer, my husband Andrew started going back to school to get a master's degree in computer science.  He's been taking classes and working at a gourmet food and wine store.  While he's been enjoying the discount he gets at the store he's working at, he's been hoping to find a job in his field so that he can get some experience while he goes to school.  

Well, a friend of ours has been working for a company that times races and mentioned that the company was looking for someone who had some IT experience, but was still willing to learn.  Andrew met with the head of the IT department and received an official job offer a few days ago!!!  It's part time for now, but may end up turning into something full time.  We're both thrilled about it!

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  1. YAAAAAAY! So excited for you Andrew! Congratulations! What a great Christmas present!


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