Sunday, August 21, 2011


"If you are going to do creative work that will change the world, then there
is one ingredient necessary to your success: REST.

You must take time to take care of your soul, to check in with your
emotional self and make sure all is well with your inner life. This is
ESSENTIAL — more than with any other type of work, in my opinion.

Because your vocation requires you to pull from within, to consult the
genius inside of you, to reach into the depths of your soul and share it
with the world — to inspire, encourage, challenge, and change.

I will say it again: If you endeavor to create, you must rest."

Jeff Goins

It's not often that I have someone telling me to rest.  I know I have a tendency to not do it enough, to simply keep going until I can't go anymore, which is why this quote resonated so much with me.  This quote was originally posted by Rachel over at No. 17.  Go check out what she had to say about it.

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