Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A crock pot meal a week

So school is starting next week, which means that I'll have much less time at home than I do now.  I always mean to cook more during the summer and then never really get around to it.

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Today I made the peanut butter chicken crock pot recipe that I've posted about before here.  I was reminded of the recipe when I went to visit my friend Laura and she made it for me.  I was texting her today about how I was making the recipe and we got in conversation about how we wanted to try more crock pot recipes.

So we've taken on the endeavor of cooking a crock pot meal a week.  I think that it's a totally achievable endeavor, especially with someone else doing it with me.  And with each of us trying out a different recipe we can find the good ones and then pass them on to the other one.  I'm really excited about it!!!


  1. my crock pot is such a blessing.

  2. During the winter, I usually used my crockpot once a week. I love using it when we have people around for lunch on Sundays, too!


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