Monday, February 14, 2011

This weekend involved:

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  • taking a trip to the library
  • going to bed early and sleeping in.  (Andrew and I have officially decided that we're old.)
  • taking long baths with lots of candles
  • finding out that my dad bought an ipad two weeks ago that I'm just finding out about now!  I think I'm addicted to the fruit ninja game now.  Have you ever played it?
  • playing with Schmoo
  • a Valentine's date, which I posted about yesterday...
  • lots of reading.  I'm in the middle of five books at the moment so I'm trying to finish at least a few of them!
  • finishing the audio book I was listening to
  • singing at church
  • going to three open houses with my mom (two of which were in our neighborhood) and deciding that I wouldn't trade our house for any of them.
  • snuggling Butterball while watching TV

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