Friday, February 11, 2011

My love of the library

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  • It always makes me happy to go to the library.  I end up in a better mood when I leave than when I came.
  • I have my library card number memorized so that I can place holds on books using the website without having to look at my library card.
  • I love that I can place holds on books using the website because I usually can't remember the names of the books that I want to read when I'm actually at the library.  This lets me get the books I want to read without having to carry a list of them with me!
  • I always participate in the reading programs.  I started when I was in junior high continued through high school and then volunteered for the high school program when I was to old.  Now I participate in the adult reading programs.  I love having the acknowledgement that I am someone who reads, especially when some people don't read much these days.
  • My favorite place to look for books is the new books section.  I get to scan all of the titles of the books in a few minutes and almost always find a book I want to read.  I also read a lot more nonfiction than I did before I started scanning the new books section.

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