Thursday, February 3, 2011

Important questions

"Do you know someone fighting on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan? How about a family in your town that has a loved one serving? Legendary newsman Tom Brokaw says if you can't say yes to one of these questions, then you don't really care about the war or the men and women who are fighting in it. Tom says what concerns him most is that people don't think about the sacrifices that these brave soldiers and their families are making for our freedom. "
This is an excerpt from an article that was written about a show that Oprah did with Tom Brokaw about the bravest families in America.  You can read the rest of the article here.  I was completely touched by this show and this article because it made me think about the fact that this war that's been going on for years does not affect the day to day happenings of me or most Americans.  As it was put on the show, "There is an epidemic of disconnection."

While watching the show, my heart broke for the mother who visits her son's grave in Arlington National Cemetery and reads the book Corduroy to him She said that "It makes me feel like I'm still doing something for him."

I don't know what else to say except that I'm grateful for the men and women serving our country and for their families that are enduring just as much as their loved ones that are serving.  I'm specifically thinking of roommate from college Barb's brother, my co-worker Nick's brother, and my brother's friend John.  I'll be praying for them all today.

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