Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freezing rain

We had the day off from school because of the freezing rain that has been falling for about a day.  It's so thick that when Schmoo goes outside, he ends up sliding around on the ice that's on top of the snow.  While I was spending time trying to get over the cold I got over the weekend, which kept me home from school yesterday, I came across Odd Girl Out's post on the storm that included this quote.  I think it sums it up perfectly!
"There is something joyful about storms that interrupt routine.  Snow or freezing rain suddenly releases you from expectations, performance demands, and the tyranny of appointments and schedules.  ...All those affected this way are united by a mutual excuse and the heart is suddenly and unexpectedly a little giddy."  -The Shack 

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  1. Too funny! I was just imagining Schmoo sliding around on the ice. This makes me wonder what Snickerdoodle did when she went outside.


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