Friday, February 18, 2011

At school today:

  • Four students were caught drinking alcohol at school (seriously!) and taken away in police cars
  • The school went on lockdown because we had to catch the students that were drinking
  • A student threatened another teacher during my class and was suspended pending expulsion
  • A student and I argued about his texting on his iphone during my class.  He said he wasn't.  I said he was.  I took his phone for the rest of the day
  • A student and I argued about my giving him a lunch detention for skipping out on my class the day before.  He ended up skipping the lunch detention and ending up in in-school suspension.  Then he ended up skipping out of in-school suspension so who knows what's next.
Why did all of this happen?  Because someone mentioned in our staff meeting on Wednesday that it had been a quiet week so of course the week couldn't continue to be quiet.  We always manage to jinx ourselves.


  1. Man, it sounds like a lousy day at school. God bless you for devoting your life to the teenagers! You are a very special person to endure that! On a lighter note, thanks so much for visiting me and hope you can come back soon!

  2. Wow, what a crazy day. School has changed so much since we were kids. So much!


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