Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making time for myself

One of the things I'm trying to do this year is to take time for myself.  I managed to do a little of that this past week.  (I'm going to try to take Sunday nights to reflect on the week I finished and plan for the week ahead.)

To make things fun:
I scrapbooked pictures of Schmoo and our program and tickets from Wicked.  I read part of The Art of Racing in the Rain, which one of my students read and then brought me to read.  I played with Schmoo.

To make me feel/look better:
I did my makeup every day.  I straightened my hair one day.  I flossed almost every day!  I worked out twice.  I took a nap yesterday afternoon.

To make things easier on myself:
I packed my lunch the night before for the whole week.  I picked out my outfits the night before for most of the week.  I asked Andrew to help me out by buying soy milk for my coffee when I ran out.

To make things easier on both of us:
I loaded/unloaded the dishwasher a few times, though Andrew definitely did it more than I did.  I took down the Christmas decorations inside the house and put them into their containers for Andrew to store in the garage.

This week:
I'd like to keep packing my lunch, planning my outfits, flossing, and doing my makeup every day.  I know I'll be going to the gym twice, but I'd like to make it at least one other time.  I'd like to help out around the house more so that things feel cleaner and calmer.  And I'd like to scrapbook our Christmas pictures and cards and continue working on my craft room.

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