Monday, August 16, 2010

Things that are making me happy at the moment

  • The abundance of hot air balloons that have been out and about
  • My cats who always want to sleep next to me
  • Having time to knit and read without worrying about anything else
  • The familiarity of getting back into a routine
  • My wonderful husband who makes quesadillas for me, even though I'm fully capable of making them for myself
  • The weather finally getting cooler.  (And by cooler I mean less than ninety!)


  1. The hot air balloons! They're everywhere! And, the always land near our house. The last two weekends, we've walked to see them coming down, deflating & being packed up.

  2. once upon a time i lived in carmel (not too far from you) and i could never get over the number of hot air balloons that sailed over our area! when i was in town a few weeks ago i took the cheater's ride in the balloon at conner prairie. WAY FUN!


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