Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ten little churchmen

As I was reading the chapter we'll be discussing in Sunday school today, I read this rhyme about church members and their involvement or lack of involvement.  I think it does a great job of pointing out some of the silly reasons we stop being involved, though some of the rhymes are pretty terrible.

Ten little churchmen went to church when things were fine -
The going got a little rough - and then there were nine.

Nine little churchmen stayed up very late -
One slept the Sunday morning through - and then there were eight.

Eight little churchmen on the road to heaven -
One joined the golf club - and then there were seven.

Seven little churchmen solid as the very bricks -
One was asked to serve on session - and then there were six.

Six little churchmen kept the place alive -
One liked to watch football games - and then there were five.

Five little churchmen seemed loyal to the core -
The sermon offended one - and then there were four.

Four little church men argued heatedly
Over church policy - and then there were three.

Three little churchmen sang the service through -
Got a hymn they didn't like - and then there were two.

Two little churchmen disputed who should run
The next church dinner - and then there was one.

One little churchman, wondering what to do,
Brought a friend to church one day - and then there were two.

Two sincere churchmen each brought in one more
So their number doubled - and then there were four.

Four sturdy churchmen simply couldn't wait
'Til they found four others - and then there were eight.

Eight eager churchmen at worship every week
Soon encouraged others, troubled souls to seek.

The seats in church were filled with people cramming every pew -
May God supply such zeal and love in this church too.

-taken from How to Spell Presbyterian by James W. Angell

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