Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When your virtual life interferes with your real life

Obviously I think that blogging and other forms of virtual life (Facebook, Pinterest...) are worthwhile or I wouldn't spend time on them.  I just need to remind myself from time to time that my virtual life should not interfere with my real life.  At least not to the point where I'm interrupting my real life to update my virtual life.

I want to make sure that when I'm spending time with people, I'm really spending time with them by giving them my full attention.  There are definitely times that I've not done this and have had to be reminded by Andrew to pay attention to what's going on in real life instead of virtual life.

I need to remember what my virtual life is about.  
  • Blogging is about connecting with people and reading other bloggers' opinions about life, faith, art, food, fashion, and all kinds of other topics.  
  • Facebook is about connecting with people that I would otherwise have a hard time staying connected with.  (I just read a really interesting blog post about how to delete half of your Facebook "friends" which I think makes some valid points, though I'm not sure that I'm ready to delete people quite yet...)  
  • Pinterest is about having a place to store all of the ideas I find on blogs and want to remember, be able to find later, or try cooking/making/etc.  At the moment, Pinterest is the most addictive to me because it's new and easy to use and because there are always more ideas out there to pin;)  


  1. it's definitely one of the big struggles for me too (virtual life vs. everyday life). I always have to remind myself how fleeting real life moments are. Because when my computer is open it's just too easy to "turn on and tune out"

  2. I agree that Pinterest is addicting. So many beautiful pictures! So much inspiration! I have to set a timer when I go on that site... ;)

  3. I agree with this post - but the virtual life just is so TEMTPTING at times......


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