Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer list update

I thought it was time to check in and show the progress I've made on my summer list.  I'll continue to add things as I go through the summer.
  1. Visit the Carmel Farmer's Market I managed to convince Andrew to come with me.  Our favorite part was the liege waffles (also known as walking waffles).  Mmm.
  2. Visit the Noblesville Farmer's Market
  3. Visit the Westfield Farmer's Market
  4. Participate in the library reading program Finished!
  5. Go to Symphony on the Prairie
  6. Go up in the balloon at Conner's Prairie
  7. Throw a summer party (Christmas in July?)
  8. Finish scrapbooking our wedding
  9. Finish scrapbooking our honeymoon Finished except for 1 page that I still have to print out pictures for.
  10. Start scrapbooking our house
  11. Eat at The Flying Cupcake
  12. Eat at Zest!
  13. Eat at Pizzology
  14. Eat watermelon. Finished!  I've eaten a watermelon and a half by myself over the past few weeks!
  15. Watch fireworks.
  16. Get a fire pit and make smores.

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today! It meant so much!! Happy Fourth of July!! xo


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