Saturday, July 9, 2011

Transformers 3 or Why I Hate Unnecessary Cussing in Movies

I went to see Transformers 3 with my husband and some friends last night and was reminded of my main criticism of the Transformers movies.  The cussing.  There are parts of the movie where the characters end up cussing when it seems like they don't need to.  I understand having some cussing to show the character's frustration or surprise, but there are parts when they could easily substitute another word for a cuss word but choose to include the cuss word instead.  There are even some instances when they leave out the cuss word, but still imply them, saying things like "mother..." or "cluster..." and letting the audience fill in the cuss words themselves.  Maybe I'm just more sensitive since I'm around students that cuss all the time and have to remind them to watch their language all the time, but the cussing in the Transformers movies seems unnecessary, especially for a PG13 movie.

That said, there are parts of the movies I really like.  I like the way that Bumblebee talks by quoting songs, movies, and TV shows.  I like the way that Shia LaBeouf's character is intentionally awkward and makes strange faces.  And I like that they are movies that my husband and I both enjoy, which means I get to see them with him.  Yay!

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