Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Declaration of Faith

Today was the last day of studying How to Spell Presbyterian by James W. Angell and even though I didn't read the last chapter before going to Sunday school, which I got a stern look from my father for, I did read it when I got home from church.  I really liked this excerpt that ended the book.

In Christ God gave us a glimpse of the new creation he has already begun and will surely finish.
We don not know when the final day will come.
In our time we see only broken and scattered signs that the renewal of all things is under way.
We do not yet see the end of cruelty and suffering in the world, the church, or our own lives.
But we see Jesus as Lore.
As he stands at the center of our history, we are confident he will stand at its end.
He will judge all people and nations.
Evil will be condemned and rooted out of God's good creation.
There will be no more tears or pain.
All things will be made new.
The fellowship of human beings with God and each other will be perfected.

-from "A Declaration of Faith" prepared by the Presbyterian church U.S. prior to the 1983 reunion

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