Monday, August 13, 2012

On being happy with what you have

Yesterday, the house that's for sale across the street had an open house.  I went to it, not because we're looking at moving, but because I'm always curious about the houses in my neighborhood, how they're set up, and how they're decorated.  I think I want to compare them to mine to make sure that my house is still what I want.  And it is.

Our house shortly after we bought it.  We've changed 
a bunch of the landscaping since them.
Sure the house across the street is nice.  It's larger than ours with a dining room, a loft, and a finished basement.  But we don't need all of the space they have.  After living in our house for a few years, I've realized that the more space we have, the more stuff we have and the less we see each other.  And while our house is smaller overall, it's bigger where it counts.  Our backyard, master bedroom, and master bathtub (which is one of my favorite things about our house) are bigger.

So after walking through the house across the street, I was happy to walk into my own house because it's ours.  It's the perfect size for us and we're having fun making the house and yard what we want them to be.


  1. i love this. and such a pretty home.

  2. what a great post! such great perspective:) love your house :)


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