Monday, November 28, 2011


I have a new love in my life.  It's a Kindle.  (It's actually my mom's Kindle, but since she hadn't even taken it out of the box since she got it she decided she'd let me borrow it for a while.)

I have this cover for the Kindle, which makes it
feel more like a book.  A definite plus for me!
I had some reservations about embracing the e-reader trend since I absolutely love reading books and want to make sure that they are here to stay.  There's something about the feel of actually holding a book and turning the pages that the Kindle will never be able to replace, but there are some definite advantages to the Kindle.

1) There are SO MANY free books out there.  I have ninety-five books on my Kindle and I've gotten them all for free!  That's definitely amazing.

2) The version of the Kindle that I have can read aloud to you.  That's right.  It can basically act as an audio book, and it manages to take care of my biggest problem with audio books, which is that when I get to an exciting part I want to be able to actually read the book because I can read faster than the audio book can read.  The Kindle lets me switch back and forth between audio and actually reading.  The downside to this, as Andrew would tell you, is that the Kindle reads aloud in a somewhat annoying computerized voice, but it does give you the choice of a male or female voice.  The benefits of being able to listen to books read aloud definitely outweighs any annoyance I have with the voices.

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