Sunday, March 13, 2011

Becoming a member

As we were walking out of church today, Andrew turned to me and said "I think I'm ready to become a member of the church."  This completely surprised me because he's said on several occasions that he doesn't think that he needs to join the church as long as he's going to the church.

But I guess that the sermon today made him think about getting more invovled in the church.  This means a lot to me because Orchard Park is the church I grew up in.   Andrew started going to Orchard Park with me when he moved to Indiana, but this is the first time he's ever talked about actually becoming a member.  I think that shows how comfortable he is there, which makes me really happy.  I want him to be as comfortable there as I am.

(When I was talking to him about it a little more, I found out that he's never actually been a member of a church because his family switched churches during the year he would have gone through confirmation.  I never knew that!)

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