Sunday, May 22, 2011

On learning to take a break

I am one of those people that keeps going and going and going until I simply can't go anymore.  And that's what happened over the past few weeks.  I've been teaching all day and coming home to work on my Mary Kay business all night.  I would work on and off until Andrew came home from work at 11pm and then I went to bed.  I kept doing that while adding in facials and parties for Mary Kay last week and found that I just couldn't keep up anymore.

I had been getting sick and then on Thursday I thought I could go to work on cold medicine and make it through school and then prom that night and by 10am I knew that that wouldn't work.  I ended up going home sick from work on Thursday and then taking another sick day on Friday.  I spent most of Saturday sick and finally started to feel better today.

I have always done this to myself and I know that I probably will do it again, but this should serve as a reminder to me and others who do this that it's okay to take a break if you need one!

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