Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our day in Cincinnati

Yesterday we took a little trip to Cincinnati to visit Ikea and Jungle Jim's International Market!

We had a lot of fun wandering around Ikea.  We weren't looking for anything specific so we had a fun time picking up items as we went.  The great thing about shopping at Ikea is that almost everything there is useful.  Everything we bought is something that is useful and will help us be more efficient/organized/happy.  I had to say happy because I bought these awesome cookie cutters.  Don't they just make you happy looking at them?  My favorite is the porcupine!!!

Jungle Jim's was interesting.  We were pretty excited about it because we had heard about it on some TV program (probably on Food Network or Cooking Channel).  We knew that it had a huge selection of international food, so we were excited to check it out.  The thing we figured out?  Jungle Jim's is interesting, but would be better 1) if we hadn't just come from Ikea because we were already getting tired of walking/looking at stuff 2) if we had lived close enough to actually grocery shop instead of just browse.

We did spend a long time in the beer section.  We were excited to see they had beer from the New Holland Brewery in Holland, Michigan where we went to college.  We didn't let ourselves spend any time in the wine section because we didn't want to spend much money.  And we wandered through all of the international food sections.  They have it split up by country/type so there were sections for Germany, England, India, Hispanic, Asian, etc.  We definitely saw some interesting food.  I think it was good to go once, but I don't know if I'd go back again unless I was looking for something specific like the tiny pineapple Andrew's holding in the picture.  Isn't it cute?

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