Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall projects

We've been doing lots and lots of projects around the house the past few weekends.

First, we ripped out the ugly juniper bushes we had out front and replaced them with boxwood bushes.

I took this picture before we planted the last one.
There's another one in the middle now.
We also planted some alium, tulips, and crocuses in the same flowerbed in front of the bushes.  The project took a lot longer than it should have because we had to move all of the rocks that were in the flower bed, which took a long time...

Then, we moved inside and set up a wrapping paper station in the closet of my craft room.
Andrew was nice enough to help me put it together.
Before I was storing my wrapping paper and supplies in a tupperware bin in the guest room closet.  When I needed to wrap something, it was a pain to get to everything.  This is so much better because everything is so easy to get to.  The whole thing is just a piece of peg board, some hooks, and some dowel rods to make wrapping presents for Christmas so much easier.  The clear buckets that I have my ribbon in are from Michael's.  (I'm really, really, really excited about it!)

This weekend we decorated the front door for Halloween!
You can't see it, but there's another pumpkin behind the bush on the left.
We'll be carving them later this week.
We started decorating after we went to pick out pumpkins and found these awesome purple, sparkly spiders.  Andrew was nice enough to let me buy two of them!
I LOVE them!
I can't wait to give out candy to trick or treaters at our house!

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