Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wrapping up summer

This has been a good summer.  I feel like I've accomplished a lot while also taking the time to relax and rest so that I'm ready (though I never feel ready) for a new school year.  This summer I:
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  • taught four weeks of summer school
  • lesson planned for the upcoming school year
  • bought a birdfeeder for our backyard
  • read a bunch of books
  • finished the library reading program
  • took a sign language class with Andrew
  • knit two and a half prayer shawls
  • took a week long vacation to Michigan with Andrew
  • ate out at a few restaurants
  • went to the Exotic Animal Rescue Center
  • volunteered at the church rummage sale
  • bought a hammock and a baker's rack from the rummage sale
  • went to the Indianapolis Zoo
  • went to the Indiana State Fair
It's been a good summer.  This week I'm starting back to school so my goal is simply to get through the week with a positive attitude.

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